ElixirConfAfr 2021

Conference: 7th May 2021
Workshop: 8th May 2021
The Premiere Elixir Conference in

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ElixirConfAfr is an annual conference bringing together BEAM enthusiasts from Africa and across the globe for collaboration, networking and learning.

Elixir communities around Africa bring you the first of many editions of ElixirConfAfr.
This conference will be held virtually and is open to anyone from anywhere around the world, the event will incorporate among other things, technical and non technical talks, with the main focus being how Elixir has been used to craft technological solutions aimed at addressing problems and issues within and outside of Africa.

ElixConfAfr will be held at Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) to suit attendees all over Africa for a two-day event filled with display of talks and workshops from amazing speakers and teachers.

What's in it for you

Expect some amazing talks and workshops and so much more from spectacular people all over the world

ElixirConfAfrica Keynote Speakers

Here are the amazing keynote speakers for ElixirConf Africa
Jose Valim
Creator of Elixir and Plug
Member of Ecto, ExDoc, and Phoenix teams
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Bruce Tate
Founder: http://grox.io
OTP+LiveView training; books and vids for Julia and Elixir. Author Languages in 7 wks, Programming Phoenix LiveView, others.
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Francesco Cesarini
Founder & Technical Director @ Erlang Solutions, O'Reilly Author
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Simon Thompson
Researcher, author and teacher
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All prices exclude fees

Early Bird

This means you get a free ticket. However, we are in the course to seek support for this amazing event so if you feel the need to support this event kindly purchase your ticket on one of the other payment tiers that will work for you. Cheers!

( Swahili for Gold)

This here is our standard Ticket package for ElixirConf Africa. We acknowledge the awesome talks, workshops and networks built during Elixir Conferences in other continents and we'd love to establish the stream of diversity within our attendees

(Shona for Copper)

We understand that the event rates for other continents are way higher than this, but this being our first continental elixir community event we'd like African Beam Devs to come out in large numbers and not feel left out due to financial constraints

(Luganda for Bronze)

We understand that some of our esteemed attendees might not be able to raise enough financially to attend the conference. So if by chance you are fortunate enough kindly use the other available payment tiers

Diversity & Inclusion

In collaboration with Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, ElixirConf Africa is implementing a Diversity and Inclusion scheme, aimed at supporting the under-represented in tech and those who cannot afford to purchase a ticket to the event. The deadline for application is 30th April 2020.


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